About Us

Tracy provides expertise and resources to companies whose underlying technologies disrupt industries. Tracy has a unique approach to investment both in terms of intellectual property and management.

Each business is driven by its own experienced management team and staff, which allows each business the competency to drive growth. Core competencies of Tracy and its participating businesses are extensive, with significant experience in the following areas:

  • Business operations: legal, accounting, marketing, etc.
  • Many types of engineering: mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc.
  • The design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of various industrial and consumer product offerings
  • Wired and wireless networking, including the development of protocols, testing and integrating components and full systems, etc.
  • Software development of all kinds: embedded systems, human-machine interfaces, web and mobile applications, etc.

Tracy receives a percentage of the businesses’ net cash flow through license agreements. Tracy takes full ownership of all intellectual property generated. By maintaining intellectual property rights, Tracy is able to fully utilize its technology and make large multiples off of its investment through licensing across multiple fields.

Tracy also provides comprehensive administrative support and financial management to all participating businesses. This enables businesses to focus on its customers, products, and technology. Because all participants operate on a proprietary and common administrative platform, member companies can interact and collaborate seamlessly. This in turn enhances development, increases synergies, and improves the core competencies of both the businesses and their employees.

Historical Background