Historical Background

Tracy is named after Dr. H Tracy Hall, the inventor of man-made diamond. Tracy’s roots go back to 1955 when Dr. Hall started a consulting business. Over the last six decades, Tracy has been able to develop a highly diversified workforce which provides a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps each participating business to succeed. David Hall is the managing partner of Tracy, and is one of the USA’s top patentees with over 450 patents granted and sold and over 400 more applications in progress.

Tracy has a long background with China: In the early 1960s a student/professor from China came to Provo to learn high pressure and diamond technology from Dr. Hall. He returned to China and continued to consult with Dr. Hall who traveled to China to assist in the expansion of the industry. High pressure high temperature businesses grew rapidly in China, generating great profits and cash flow during a critical stage of its industrial revolution.

There are now over 10,000 presses in China, producing over 1,000 tons of diamond per year and supporting over 100,000 jobs (greater than the total population of Provo, Utah).

Hinged Presses in the US and China
Patents and IP