Medic is developing advanced health monitoring systems and hardware.

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Enabling the Digital Health Revolution

The bathroom becomes a virtual self-administered doctor’s office. Private bathrooms at work and those at home become Medic Health and Treatment Centers. A Medic bathroom includes multiple self-use digital instruments that are available through the Medic Toilet and the Medic Station Cabinet:

  • The toilet works well as a data center because it can gather meaningful health metrics in a private and sanitary environment on a regular basis – users don’t have to make any changes to their normal routine. Human waste provides volumes of meaningful health data. Medic is currently able to complete a full urinalysis along with fume analysis that pulls the “bad smells” into the toilet. Because users are often sitting, discreet sensors in the seat are able to measure metrics such as weight, temperature, heart rate, etc.
  • The Station Cabinet will allow for additional peripheral devices that are connected wirelessly to the toilet system to provide additional health diagnostic services and treatments.

Medic will lease units to customers on a weekly basis. This enables the customer to adopt the new technology at a lower entry point and allows for optional upgrades. A small weekly payment covers the costs of hardware, installation, and services.


Doctors and nurses will proactively analyze your data to alert users before they become sick. Virtual doctor visits will allow users to talk to a doctor
or nurse when they’re not feeling well or have a question.

Medic Pharmacy: pharmacy vending machine at work will save time and money by allowing users to pick up most prescriptions while at work. Any medications not in the machine will be delivered overnight.


Video shows how foam is made extremely quickly using air, water, and foaming agent. The air and water/solution combination are shot out at a high rate. Download video >>

PDF document shows results of a test comparing a pulsing vs. constant stream bidet. The pulsing stream took about twice as long to clean but used half the water to clean a similarly-sized mess. View doc >>