ABOUT MySmartBlinds

MySmartBlinds was built on the idea that automated window coverings can be simple: no-tools-needed DIY installation, and controlled with a smartphone.

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Easy to install. Easy to use.

MySmartBlinds was built on the idea that the window is the gateway to building security, temperature, and light control, and that automating the window can be simple. All MySmartBlinds modules contain light and temperature sensors and have an auxiliary port for additional sensors or actuators that enable windows to become part of the IoT. My Smart Blinds products don’t require tools for installation and can be controlled by smartphone, tablet, wall switch, or built-in light sensor.

  • Automated retrofit kit: motorized mechanism. Can run on a schedule or automatically adjust as conditions change.
  • Automated shutter blinds: the world’s first tool-less install Venetian blind. Custom-made for existing windows, and installs in seconds with the push of a lever.