Sure-Fi is a patented wireless system with a range of up to one mile, regardless of obstructions. The technology enables commercial-grade wireless IoT networks and similar applications.

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Sure as a Wire, without the Fuss

Available hardware and software products make use of the Sure-Fi Wireless Transport Technology and make it available to third parties. The stack includes three major components as well as several ancillary products. The three core components are:


  • The Sure-Fi Wireless Module: the transport layer for the stack that contains all the controls to use the RF signal that is transmitted between the nodes or endpoints. It governs aspects of the signal including the frequencies, modulation format, power levels, and signaling between the transmitting and receiving elements. The module can be embedded into third-party applications via a standard serial peripheral interface.
  • The Sure-Fi Smart Gateway: the hub of the stack that provides the networking interface between SureFi Wireless Modules and the SureFi Cloud Services. Although it is cloud configured, it also contains the operating system used to manage devices states, communications between endpoints, and event triggering and scheduling. Maintaining this layer on the gateway it allows it and associated endpoints to act independent from the SureFi Cloud Services in case of a loss of connection. The SureFi gateway hardware includes a connection to the Bluetooth mesh network.
  • Sure-Fi Cloud Services: the application interface for the SureFi Network that provides a way to configure SureFi Smart Gateways within the applications SureFi Network. It allows for the management and addition of endpoints and provides the interface to create endpoint relationships and interactions. The SureFi Cloud provides applications access to APIs which allow for integration with third-party cloud services, web platforms, and desktop/mobile apps.

ABOUT TrackPin

Instantly control and monitor your door, delivery box, garage, and gate activity: decide who, when, and for how long access is allowed with connected hardware and app.

Manage Access Easily, from Anywhere

Keypad and connection hardware features:

  • Anytime/anywhere access management with phone or web app
  • Unlimited MyDeliveries™ – stop package theft and missed deliveries with unattended delivery access control. Order online as you normally do and request deliveries to your garage. TrackPIN and the carriers take care of the rest automatically.
  • Manage up to 5 users/PINs (additional users/PINs with in-app upgrade)
  • Lock-outs for emergency situations

Gate system coming soon: the same features and capabilities as the garage system, but with hardware customized for gates.

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