Vanderhall Motor Works was founded in 2010 and its vehicles provide a unique motoring experience paired with the reliability of a larger manufacturer. A large amount of time, effort, and money has been invested to create a transformational way to compete with larger companies in the industry. By utilizing its experience, patents, and ingenuity, Vanderhall is able to cut the new model process to just one year, down from an industry standard of seven years.

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The Laguna is an open-wheel autocycle that out-handles most sports cars and stops quicker than many superbikes. It is hand-built and has side-by-side seating for two. It is powered by a turbocharged, 1.4-liter GM motor that cranks out 200 horsepower. The patented monoaluminum chassis is wrapped in a hand-laid carbon-fiber body. A list of some features and options: power steering, heating, air conditioning, heated seats, a removable carbon-fiber hard top, and a 600-watt sound system with Bluetooth connectivity. Pricing starts at $49,950.


The Venice is a testament to Vanderhall’s expertise, technology, and business plan. Starting design in April of 2016, the Venice is set to start manufacturing in January 2017. Simplifications in design and components have enabled Vanderhall to price the Venice starting at $29,950. With a 1,375-pound dry weight, the 200 HP four-cylinder turbo charged engine will provide a larger market reach and enhance the already-existing dealer network.